Wednesday, December 22, 2010

O CHRISTMAS TREE : a quiet one

My first Christmas in New York it snowed.I was alone ,with a new job.I was staying on West 74th Street with a follow Alabamian who went home for the holidays.Like a lot of starry eyed outsiders I did not have plans or money,but.Christmas must be celebrated so each evening on my way from work I would pick up discarded branches from tree vendors around the neighborhood until I had enough to fill the room with the smell of forest.In those days I was so proud that I could not stoop for beauty so with what little cash I had a trip to W.W.Woolworths for a box of 12 silver glass ornaments and a copy of the I Hear A Symphony by The Supremes.

My first Christmas in New York was near perfect there was youth and dreams there was a happiness that come from beginning to become an adult and doing for yourself.Christmas should always be a little bittersweet.

My first Christmas in New York it snowed heavily ,I think maybe 14 inches and the city became very quiet .life was simple needs too.This image is repeated 12 times one for each month while we wait.I love it because it is quiet it is also by Joanna Knox

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