Sunday, September 30, 2012


Funny sometimes the journey is all we have. So I saw this bunny on the way to Zebulon and took it as a sign. I arrived on Wednesday to install a 10 year retrospective of past winners of SlowE. A number or artists were repeat winners over the 10 years.What was the most fun was the bonding(no pun intended) of all the people helping to make this show happen besides the artists. Here is the roll-call Donna Rosser,Anne Jarrell Berry Dale Niles Marilyn and Don Rogers all made it an easy thing to hang 40 dissimilar photographs .

Completed it gave a fairly accurate view of the growth of the competition and the quality of submissions starting in 2002. The year Andy Scott's  Wrapped Turkeys won 1st prize was a year of big change. A lovely little reception was held where I spoke about  the history of the winners since 2002 and the jurors from around the country that have driven the show to new highs.

This year Julian Cox and Brett Abbott former and present curators of the photography department at The High Museum were the jurors.Their talk on Sunday afternoon was a moment that will be remembered for a long time to come.They explained in details some of their choices and how in most juried competition you never get to see a body of work by the submitting artists.And the surprise when seeing the prints for the first time.

Maybe someone taped it and you will see it on You-tube.

The weekend was filled with usual events  portfolio reviews and talks and food ,waiting and watching humming birds.

John Oetgen Black Bunny courtesy of The Hagedorn Foundation Gallery 

Donna Rosser un wrapping images in The Whiskey Bonding Barn Zebulon GA

Donna Rosser unwrapping images in The Whiskey Bonding Barn Zebulon GA
by Marilyn Rogers

Laying out mages of past winners in The Whiskey Bonding Barn Zebulon GA

With Don Rodgers hanging photographs in The Whiskey Bonding Barn Zebulon GA
At the end  could hardly wait to be at home the journey is all,the destination is like saying Zebulon too many times it looses meaning or becomes a hollow chant.

Behind The Curtains Mrs Sue McG;othin
Today the Slow Exposures Peoples Choice award was announce, it is "Behind The Curtains " by Mrs Sue McGlothin it was chosen from 947 photographs submitted to the jury. Ninety-eight new entries; 69 returning photographers --- coming from 17 states and 46 cities and towns in Georgia. The image was voted on by the viewers who visited the show. With luck it will be part of the 20th retrospective. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

A Detour In Zurich ,But I Am Still On My Way To Zebulon

On my way to Zebulon, I stopped in Atlanta and stayed  at the home of Ms Jane Robbins Kerr. A home built with love for a family, it is as near perfect a house for living as love can create. Ms Kerr is a transplanted Mississippian who has participated in SloweExsposures for a number of years and will be featured in the 10 year retrospective in Zebulon.

Also Stopped into Jackson Fine art to see Matthew Pillsbury and discovered 2 artists whose work I was not familiar with as well as a fun show at Hagadorne Galley which was also showing Martin Parr as I always say Atlanta is not the New York of the South, but it makes an interesting stop on the way to Zebulon.

I like saying the word Zebulon, Zebulon Zebulon Zebulon yes I do.

Hallelujah Lady  Jane Robbins Kerr

Installation  Matthew Pillsbury City Lights Jackson Fine Arts

Installation  Matthew Pillsbury  City Lights Jackson Fine Arts

Jane's Carousel, 2011

Arthur Grace Viewing Room Jackson Fine Art

Car and Ferris Wheel, Raleigh, North Carolina, 2003 

Opening wall for Martin Parr Hagedorn Foundation

Installation John Oetgen  Hagedorn Foundation

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

On My Way to Zebulon My Heart Kept Saying Zurich

On my way to Zebulon Georgia was to be a story about my latest trip down south  of the Mason-Dixon
line .Funny most of the time in my travels this time I kept wishing for wings or magic shoes so that I could be somewhere else.The power to move back and forth quickly through space would be so cool, I could be where I want to be as well as where I have to be.

One of the places I wanted to be this fall was Christophe Guye Galerie in Switzerland an Exhibition of Roger Eberhard entitled Once It Held Laughter - Once It Held Dreams an extension of his themes of isolation, abandonment, decay and the haunting of place.This sense of lost, a sub-genre of southern photography.

Roger Eberhard conceptual installation is a testament to the idea of artistic  growth and craft while still maintaining his vision and passion .

Today I received pictures of the installation and want to share them with you. I will be back on the road to Zebulon tomorrow

    Installation Roger Eberhad  Once It Held Laughter - Once It Held Dreams Christophe Guye Galerie
  Installation Roger Eberhad  Once It Held Laughter - Once It Held Dreams Christophe Guye Galerie

  Installation Roger Eberhad  Once It Held Laughter - Once It Held Dreams Christophe Guye Galerie

  Installation Roger Eberhad  Once It Held Laughter - Once It Held Dreams Christophe Guye Galerie

  Installation Roger Eberhad  Once It Held Laughter - Once It Held Dreams Christophe Guye Galerie

Untitled (Haus #130), 2012
C-print mounted to aluminium

Untitled (Baum # 1), 2012
C-print mounted on Aluminium

Thursday, September 6, 2012


I live in Manhattan in the 21st century so I should know the answer  to this one. In truth the answer is fluid, it depends upon where you are standing.  If you are standing on let's say 125th Street and decide to venture to 124th Street you are going south.This question came to me in response to a electronic portfolio posted on CNN of images taken from a juried exhibition SlowExposures:Celebrating the Rural South.The comments were strong.

One of the images chosen was by the artist Paul Conlon which was part of an exhibition I curated last year for SlowExposures called Southern Memories . I was born in the south, I live in what is called the north, yet my memories live in the land of childhood ,untouched by boundaries

Paul Conlon  Trike

Jo Lynn Still   Snow

Marilyn Suriana   Auburn Market 2
A few years ago I became seduce by a photograph of snow by 
Jo Lynn Still, it so reminds me of my first snow.The sky is blue and bright, filled with expectation and magic this picture was taken in Georgia .It is a picture that moves beyond place into memory.

The south I grew up in most people rich or poor , young or old would be concern about how they appeared in public.This was particularly a great truth for my grandmother,who died at 100 years young so when I saw this image by Marilyn Suriana, it was the for me those times that came to mind not the place.

SlowExposures takes place starting September 21

recent edit by Paul Conlan of Trike

A sort of footnote the opening image in this post is the way I first saw this photograph, to me it spoke about age.It is very interesting to see the new crop/edit  it makes for a more balanced image but some of the story is lost.