Saturday, December 25, 2010

O CHRISTMAS TREE : light and magic

By now everyone knows I am a slut for the holiday.The brightness of it .the crazy songs we sing.the shift ever so briefly in human attitude.I stand in the swirl of all of it like a child.How can you not be seduce by the bright and shiny magic "baby it is not only cold outside" but dark and frighting too.I have walked the streets I know that in my own way I am blessed.

What saddens me is those who no longer can hold on to hope or dreams and those who can not to help guide then back.

These two picture were sent to me a few Christmas ago. The top one was an invitation to a party. I will not reveal the artist names.I would like to say the Christmas tree image inspired this theme O CHRISTMAS TREE postings .It is one of my favorite photographs it is in the zone of Fireflies,when I see it my eyes and heart flit around in happiness that dances from reflection to reflection and then the light.I laugh it is magic it happens when we stop and notice things.

snow a coming

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