Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Element : Water

I am sorry that I have not posted lately.I guess part of the reason beside being a little lazy is the awe I felt once there was a blog with my name attached.I was with a close friend recently and they over heard a conversation that included a past secret in my life,which I never mentioned.That is one of my fears about this blog , how to control what is revealed about me in moments when passion,my passion says more about me than intended,

I grew up in a religious and ultra-conservative family on a little rural farm.Church was a big thing but I had within an innate feel for mysticism and spiritualism maybe I was delusional.

Water plays a great part in life it is the single largest component of our body we require it like we do air.Water cleanse and can symbolize rebirth and lord knows sometimes that rebirth just doesn't stick.I actually fear water... as I find it to be fascinating .So me being baptised in a lake is not happening.But I saw this image by Ms Jane Robbins Kerr and knew the moment.She was driving down a road in Mississippi and spotted this group of people. I have heard her story many times about rushing to get this photograph only to find a bunch of other cameramen trying to do the same.What this picture can not show, is the feeling of the boy is it relief at being given a new life or maybe just wanting to get it over. What is also missing are the reaction of the crowd of believers standing on the bank.This is the sweet point,where I want to believe,what they are, that life could be this simple .

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