Monday, December 20, 2010

O CHRISTMAS TREE CAVALCADE : outside my moving window

A Christmas tree and lights is something to share.In the past few years the attention has been focus on the homes that reflect the competition of holiday display.Which has evolved into ways to support charities and make spectaculars for kids and also keep a lot of retired couples busy. The line usually goes something like this " we start in October. " I chose these photographs because they show the surprise of light in the dark.The top image is by Paul Raeside the tree is and is not, maybe it is a tree for the forest that looms around it . What I love is the simple iconic shape and the fact that in that simplicity it stands pure among the great trees in the background .The second picture is by Jerry Siegel taken with a camera phone.I call it the save me moment.There is little going on as you drive down a long stretch of road not even a front porch light and all of a sudden you see this and you smile and feel a little sad but mostly you smile and wonder about the tree inside.I also feel that this belongs to someone who loves Christmas or has the tradition embedded but doesn't have the time to refine his display.Notice the details like the candy canes in the front yard,the reflection in the car windows and that little read light in the yard is that a monitoring device . I think there are young children in this house.

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