Sunday, December 19, 2010


at heart I am a pagan, I may pretend that I have been seduced by the great flow of thought about what happens after we die.Like most I try to live and be good which can be really boring no really really boring and at the most boring part we are rewarded with Christmas.I wish the winter solstice could just be called the world is having a party for two weeks. There will be lots of canapes and drinks dancing singing being a fool noticing your family and being nice to everyone.Often wonder why can't people be like they are in December all year long ,I think it takes a lot of effort and then it becomes boring too.

You know the Christmas tree is a pagan tradition,it stem from the basic idea of let's sacrifice something maybe the gods will leave us alone or not . So over time people created a ritual to go out into the woods hacking away,dragging the thing back, ending it life and then for a few bright moments making it an object of desire, I love Christmas trees and the rituals behind them

In the following days we will gaze at images of Christmas trees taken by some of the artists who were a part of the Southern Memories : Part I, that was held in Pike County Georgia this past fall as well as images that made me happy that other artist have sent to celebrate the season. The parking lot , a photographs by Tony Stamosis taken ca. 2007/2008 is kinda sad but behind that sign we can see trees to come.The other picture was taken from Donna Rosser's a picture a day series on December 5, I call it On the Way to Zebulon.


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