Monday, December 27, 2010

O CHRISTMAS TREE : off on a tangent part 2

Giving is not as easy as it seems,it took four days to give out all the envelopes ... the results were strange and yet pleasing.

I thought I would write details but each time was different some made me sad. There was the guy who look like Santa Claus that kept wandering down the subway platform.turning and waving. Only once was an envelope given where someone could see the observe exchange as one of those pristine envelopes sliced the air very mysterious and dramatic .It was the last and it took place on the subway,it was the last envelope.

Of the people I am sure some, I will never see again then there are others who I have stop to speak to since Christmas eve. I have learn a little lesson about life we all stand and wait that is the human and angelic condition for most of us to quote Milton.

So while we are waiting around let me wish all a joyous healthy and prosperous new year.

sing,laugh and dance


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