Sunday, October 31, 2010

A few memories about

Kudzu Is Not

I would like to thank all the artists and blog reviewers that made my show in Georgia this fall a wonderful moment for me and a great way to celebrate my fifth year with SlowExposures and the people of Pike County.I would like to mention a particular post by Ms Elisabeth Bondi which had ten images from the show.

This blog was kinda inspired by the connections made in Georgia at the end of this summer but also by Donna Rosser who worked so hard with me to create a wonderful show Southern Memories:Part OneA great debate has arisen over how I pronounce the word Kudzu an eastern Asian vine introduce into the southern landscape around the thirties.I don't seem to emphasize the first syllable enough or say the word to fast for anyone to hear the kud.The first time you experience Kudzu it frightens and amazes at once how can this happen in the summerit looks like someone covered the landscape every house every tree anything not moving and not able to fight back in a carpet of green.The forest in some parts of the south look like a badly wrapped but intriguing Christmas package.I think of Brian Eno's Another Green World a languid green vision gone bad as little bits of history peek out.The winter come all green goes and waves and loops of vine grey and rope like holds everything down.Nature wins.This strange outsider has become a part of the mystery of the land the place below the Mason Dixie line . Rob Hann from England has spent a number of years photographing this phenomenal growth that is part fairytale part nightmare.Giving each one a place he sees it from the highway I've seen it for 30 years as I travel on the Silver Crescent home