Sunday, August 25, 2013

RESTLESS IN SEATTLE : fact fiction & fantasy

Doreen Kilfeather ,Absorbed 
Erik Hagen,  Abbot Kinney
Philip Basaric, Maze
Angela Prosper, Tear Stained Eyes 
Alison Turner Untitled
He's back with a few words of admirations for anyone who can devote the time to blogging consistently. I admire you.

I now have something I wish to talk about, part praise, part bitching part advise. This year as many know from my Facebook page I was asked to juror the Photographic Center NW 18th Annual Jury Exhibition entitled Musings. 500 artists submitting over 2500 images.It took more than a day to make a decision about the 75 images the became the exhibition.

I am happy with the  submissions and the final installation which illustrated the range of talent, techniques and ideas that contemporary photography makes available to a modern audience.
Artists who used enhanced IPhotos to swirling images made in photoshop or the alternative processes to the tried and true silver gelatin print made with time tested darkroom skills and others  .This is photography today.

Were there disappointments, sure. All images receive a bit of glamour when viewed on a hi-def  monitor some correction is expected when one have the actual print in hand and before eye.A bit of advise is needed here, thought of presentation  is important.I felt a few  photographs were printed too large maybe the artist was following trends but it weaken their photograph,sometimes small is best, pushing beyond 16 X 20 must be carefully thought about.There was an image so enlarge a hot spot
was in the foreground that the artist seem to ignored, I struggle deciding to put that image in because it was strangely powerful but at near 30 x 40 to me the power was lost. One needs to look into the image not be shut out by scale and confrontation

If you have a chance and are in the area please visit the Photographic Center of the NW, lovely images
positive space and community where photography is respected.It will get you to Musing or at least thinking about it