Tuesday, April 15, 2014

BRENDA ANN KENNEALLY : Up Close & Personal, curated by Ruben Natal - San Miguel

Curated by Ruben Natal - San Miguel
56 Bogart Street Studio 1E
Brooklyn New York
April 4  - May 20
hours : Friday - Sunday 1- 6

Now  that the excitement of AIPAD and all of it's satellites and parties are residing and before Paris Photo LA  hits us .Let us head out to Brooklyn, Bushwick Brooklyn to Fuchs Projects for an exhibition curated by Ruben Natal-San Miguel .The group of artists  that are shown in Upclose & Personal include a lot of names in the photo world including Ruben'son a photography series of his by the same name ." The exhibition aims to explore the relationships of several artists to their close, intimate and very personal with their art creations. "

I came away with one artist's images firmly etched in my minds eye Brenda Kenneally. Upclose  & Personal represents the first gallery showing of her work which is a combine of street photography and photojournalism . Brenda Kenneally is a 2014 Guggenheim Fellow in Photography.

So make some time to visit Upclose & Personal to see this work L train 15 minutes from Manhattan. Be delighted and agitated by Rubens choices I think it about being in your face. He is

All images copyrighted Brenda Ann Kenneally

Friday, April 11, 2014


How To
Park Avenue Armory
April 10 - April 13

A couple days ago on Face book I posted a comment on Facebook about Michael Itkoff's presentation of How To at the 2014  AIPAD SHOW. I posted " one of the top ten best ideas at AIPAD "those words are still floating around in my head.I am adding a little more here.First there is a love and respect for the art & history of photography show here. Two the work vibrates between the past and the now.
It has humor that is refreshing as one think about the images. I started to think about Eadweard Muybridge. Aaron Siskind'  Pleasures & Terrors of  Levitation which always felt were movie stills. Enough of me below Michael explains everything and there is a link to his website to explore
the range and see these images move. They will bring a smile to your face better yet visit Kopeikin Gallery AIPAD booth 308

How To' video pieces I have sourced instructional booklets from the early-to-mid 20th century including books on Karate, Yoga, Aerobics and other physical activities. These texts are rooted in the Western ideal of bodily perfection and culminate within late-capitalism where individuals can fine-tune their abilities, and thereby their identities, via easily consumable books or YouTube videos. The short GIF-like loops that comprise 'How To' are made by scanning, editing and sequencing the crude black and white photographs that illustrate the books and the resulting videos are exhibited on editioned iPads. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

COLLEEN PLUMB : Towards the Sky Again.1997 - 2011

Toward the Sky Again ,1997-2011 
Dina Mitrani Gallery  +  The Screening Room
Wynwood Art District, Miami Florida
2620 NW 2 Avenue
786. 486. 7248  

 April 10 - May 31, 2014

Lobby with Trees, 2003                                    Paradise Parking, Mt. Rainier, 2000    
 In theory everything is going on here in New York this week but if you are not here visit a local gallery,look at art .Go outside and look at some trees smell the flowers and listen to the world around you.

That is how I met Colleen Plumb on a bright sunny day while in a restaurant looking out over central park my companion and I overheard a young couple speaking about photography and where to go and what to see ?

Colleen was one of the voices speaking. Every now and then  I check her website to see what she is doing.Her great opus is about relationships and perception of man with/against nature.

I think art is sometimes like life or music you establish a rhythm add a melody, some riffs and variations to expand the theme.This is very apparent in the diptychs which are a part of Colleens current exhibition Dina Mitrani Gallery

Looking Towards the Sky  can best be explained by Colleen
"From what (or where) do we draw strength and sustenance? Do artificial/mediated forms of nature offer a satisfying substitute for the actual? Where does wilderness begin and end? Towards The Sky Again looks at the ways humans engage with and make connections to the natural world. The images, made over a fourteen-year period (1997-2011) show interventions in the landscape and fabricated realities.

The built environment is full of cultivated natural forms, and the landscape around us has layer upon countless layer of human intervention. I am interested in these contradictions—the push-and-pull between interior and exterior worlds. The series looks to the elemental—terra (earth), aqua (water), aer (air), ignis (fire)—as reference, as a lead to something beyond the material, beyond human power."

Anyway I see these diptychs along with the videos that are also a part of this exhibition become a warm and stimulating visual chamber piece.

Iowa Cadillac, 2011
Red Chair with Needles, 1999
Red Chair with Needles, 1999
Lobby with Trees, 2003
The Mission, 2009 
Morton Arboretum, 1999

This exhibition is partially sponsored by Hahnemühle Fine Art 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

NICHOLAS PRIOR : Conspiracy of Silence

Conspiracy of Silence
Park Avenue Armory
April 10 - April 13 2014

Conspiracy of Silence, Window 1 #060, 2009, C-Print

By coincidence two artists I know have produce bodies of work based on the innocence of children.I would like to introduce Nicholas Prior's Conspiracy of Silence 

A meditation on what adults do to shield children. In a subtle way these images invoke the stories of Hansel and Gretel and other children lost in the woods The house is not only shelter but a barrier and a unspoken symbol of desire for knowledge fed by curiosity.We gain by observing, pushing against and reflecting 
on experience.

Using a quote by sociologist Norbert Elias wrote that, in order for childhood to exist, their must be a “conspiracy of silence”, whereby adults intentionally withhold information from children in an effort to preserve their innocence.Nicholas created a house in the woods,

Funny thing as I was writing this blog I started to be drawn into thinking about earlier myths of the first children being places in a garden and warned.These images glow in shadow and light that suggest a primeval moment, little is revealed except that time is passing and maybe those inside loose too

I will have to go to AIPAD this coming weekend to see what Nicholas Prior is doing  Jackson Fine Arts Gallety booth 102 will be showing it for the first time publicy in New York City.

Conspiracy of Silence, Window 1 #100, 2009, C-Print

Conspiracy of Silence, Window 5 #592, 2009, C-Print 

Conspiracy of Silence, Window 6 #054, 2009, C-Print

Conspiracy of Silence, Window 4 #172, 2009, C-Print

Conspiracy of Silence, Window 2 #012, 2009, C-Print

Conspiracy of Silence, Window 4 #383, 2009, C-Print


Sunday, March 30, 2014


GO + SEE in Philadelphia
The University of the Arts Presents
Photographer Frederic Weber:
Domestic Views
March 21 – April 25, 2014
Gallery 1401 of Photography
Terra Hall, 14th floor
211 South Broad Street, Philadelphia Pa.
800 616 ARTS

Paper Family 2
Paper Family 3
Paper Family
Red Shoe
I went to Philadelphia to attended the opening of Frederic Weber's Domestic Views. A surprise because I hate traveling for just about anything. I can say the trip  was worth it because of the surprise element Mr. Weber had a collaborator 
his youngest daughter, Lily. 

Lily constructed paper dolls of her family and friends and preceded to do little stories (I had a paper doll moment).For me the best part of the exhibition is the deconstruction and Lily's presence and participation in her father exploration of childhood.

There are photographs of toys and childhood play things taken in layered focus attempts to create child like views.But the drama comes in the imagination of a child, adults will always be on the outside that is what it should be and that is where dreams begins.

There is a secondary observation of toys and things like stickers but I think nothing speaks like these reconfigured drawing that becomes a diorama of family dynamics out of it all comes the most amazing connection between a father who creates visually and a child feeling the surge of the intuitive creation. The most magical  photograph to me is entitled Face, this image goes back to when I met Frederic nearly 18 years ago, when one of his favorite artists was Christopher Bucklow from Bristol England.

Lily's created  Face "1000 points of light " for her dad and it caused me to wonder,how did she know because this one images ties them together and connects many of his earlier bodies of work with an ease that is only allowed to the innocent and the free

  • http://www.fredericweber.net
Frederic Weber is represented by Klompching Gallery in New York

Friday, March 21, 2014


636 Dean Street

Anne Burlock Lawver: INDELIBLE

On view March 22 – April 20. Opening reception Sat, Mar 22, 6-8pm. Anne Burlock Lawver focuses on the personal, the intimate, and the fleeting emotions that could be captured only in close-up. At Soapbox, she will present a series of striking photographs taken at the Gun Metal Ink tattoo parlor in Washington Heights, NYC, [...]

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

WYATT GALLERY the person : Jewish Treasures of The Caribbean .

Meeting Wyatt Gallery (the person not a place)
FOTOFEST 1998 and now
Jewish Treasures of The Caribbean 

Fotofest has changed a lot of lives and created strange and powerful bonds over the years. I first reviewed there in 1998 with no real idea about how it would effect me, because I was reviewer.The truth is I met a lot of photographers and I still share ideas with them and we support each other in various ways. I always felt that Fotofest was a place for discussion and discovery and one of my questions for all the artists /photographers is why are you here ? One of my last  things to offer them was a mantra"I am an artist who is taking control of my own art/career/destiny".You would have had to been there

The previous post was about Hiroshi Watanabe.I will return to his photographs soon but I would like to speak about another photographer I met that year at Fotofest Wyatt Gallery (a person not a place) has metamorphize  over the years while still being a good guy with heart and purpose.When I met him,I thought he would end up trapped in a studio with seamless paper and big white lights. I was seeing only one side, since then he has created meaningful bodies of work about the people of New Orleans, Haiti,Sri Lanka and New Yorkers who faced the aftermath of hurricane Sandy.Wyatt not only photographs in these places but volunteered as an active worker in the communities that were devastated,He came away each time inspired with a mission to raise funds for the people he met and he has.

I just got word about a project that he has been working on, one that reveal more depth about beauty inside that glowing spiritual essence that we can not define but many feel. I feel it in traditional gospel music as I walk by a church or feel it in seeing the simplicity of a Walker Evans contact print taken of a small white wooden church in Alabama countryside sometimes I feel it at mass  or even walking down the street the experience come to me as others reach out in joy or sadness.

At Fotofest my question was why are you here.Wyatt's new book and exhibition project Jewish Treasures of The Caribbean will answer that question for some people as he tries to preserve part of his history and ours.The last half of the 1490's had a amazing effect on t he story of the development of the Western hemisphere.

Here I will stop to let Wyatt speak about his project.I only want to say I met him at Fotofest and I believe this project is worthy of your support.

Wyatt Gallery


Wyatt's photographs are in the Houston Museum of Fine Arts and other major 
collections .Here are some of the images he is using to raise fund to complete this project via Indiegogo.com

Light on Sand Floor, Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue, Curaçao. Built in 1732, the oldest Synagogue in the Western Hemisphere.
Light on Sand Floor, Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue, Curaçao. Built in 1732, the oldest Synagogue in the Western Hemisphere.
St. Thomas Synagogue, USVI. The oldest in continuous use under the American flag, built in 1833. The Congregation was founded in 1796.
Jodensavanne Cemetery, Suriname. 1665
For more information concerning Wyatt Gallery please go to WyattGallery.com