Sunday, March 27, 2011

There Should Always Be Magic

Spring sends me into a frenzy of anticipation checking every blade, bud and shoot for that precious second when green comes to life. I shiver in excitement. I can barely walk because my eyes are darting trying to see that transformation, that trick. I think that nature has planned it so that it only happens when I asleep.I awake to another green world

Today is the day that is my actual birth date but not the official one .Of course this has lead many people to wonder was I really born. I use to celebrate my birthday whenever I needed to cheer myself up or needed a excuse to receive gifts or an excuse for a party and gifts.

Everyday can be a birthday, so 40 years ago I decided to do an official birthday as part of my Lenten denials , I gave up celebrating my birthday until Easter Sunday.There have been some great celebrations nothing pushes you like denial.I dye a few eggs buy a little chocolate and do a basket and then I am off hopping down some bunny trail. Speaking (typing ?) of bunny hopping one of the best celebration happened at a party in my home.There was a time when I would give myself a party, it is a control thing. My oldest friend (he hates to be called this) decided to surprise me and came to my house on a Sunday afternoon dressed in white tie, rabbit ears and tail, carrying a basket with 40, 9 inch solid chocolate bunnies and a single white chocolate one..What a surprise ! why because this friend is not into spectacle.

I still can not figure how he left his home and got to mine.

You may not believe it but it was magical for me, it made me sooo happy . Love is magical or maybe it was the I don't have anything else to do today.concept, but it was for me.

How we see and how we relate to light and image and smell , scent (O flowers, Ivory soap oranges ,peppermint, Juicy Fruit gum and Christmas trees ) and sound , I am drifting here.

The day I first saw this photograph it reminded me of the great Duane Michaels ... it made me wonder how do artists choose what to do ? My thoughts, 5 seconds tops

Once again I am using a photograph by the artist Zach it is an image of magic/illusion and I am sure there is a simple and sensible explanation of how it was made, but isn't it better just to see the magic ,it brings a smile which can be the best magicial gift of all