Thursday, March 24, 2011


Sitting here today thinking that I should call one of my younger brothers ,we were born two years and three days a part. As usual I had to think about it a lot ... for years we were the only two to live together until other children started to appear.I was not happy with the first ,and then more. My brother and I lived in mortal combat outside the eyes of adults. Adults are so without a clue. Funny thing my mother use to dress us as if we were twins.
Of course this was a strange joke only she understood since I was thin and tall and he the total opposite.I think she wanted to keep us from fighting.It did not work I think we were locked in a eternal battle for love. He became a famous musician in our home town.So many people claim to be his brother that left for New York, That I have to carry around a letter to say that I am the brother.I on the other became the lone wolf party guy who hides in his home.

Were we ever related ? We both have the charming traits of Aries and the fault too of not being able to focus to finish because we see resolution .

While pondering this phone call and whether it was necessary to make my day better,I received an email from Rena Effedi, a sign, I am sure.

One of my favorite images from the Hearst 8x10 is a little boy banging on a drum in an abandoned building ,Which today made me think even more of my young brother. So I made that called, and now before the clock strikes midnight I complete this blog post and say
Happy Birthday !!!

On another note one thing all my brothers and sisters did after me was set the house on fire

I was the first I am an Aries

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