Thursday, March 3, 2011


I used to visit someone in my early teens, some afternoon occasionally on my visits I would hear beautiful, melacholic music. Now it seems a curious thing because I never asked about it.The sound floated about the room slowly and with much thought, when it ended I became very sad and quiet yet strangely fulfilled. It was haunting and stately I felt there was a beautiful greyness in its' measured chords .Then one day quite by accident I heard it was a pavane a type of dirge . I still listen to it and over years have acquired a number of versions which when played always make me feel a little sad and little sorry for the dead baby princess and a little sad for me and you too.

I saw this photograph by an artist name Kenneth Goldberg , his first solo March 4 - April 2
at Espresso77 please visit

the exhibition is

La Beauté Sombre
The Beauty in Darkness

This image remind me of those moments of grey, waiting until the evening ,the night,the day,
a pavane for transition

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