Saturday, March 26, 2011

Screaming Fire !

After lunch yesterday ( a very long lunch )that included visiting a few galleries and discussing Southern cuisine especially the choice of wet or dry ribs and the importance of sides and being mindful of Glenn Ligon's exhibition at the Whitney, while battering about the myth of the vampire I happened to mention in passing,the tradition I started for my siblings of setting the house on fire.I don't know if it was the gleam in my eyes or the passionate and hysterical tone in my laugh that most people ask me not to do, whatever.

It is a part of history

My Mother's Blue Mirror Tables and How A Tradition Began.

As a kid I use to spend a great deal of time watching Catholic Mass on television . An aside do we have to say Catholic and mass does any other religion have mass ? The big thing here that even as a kid I was totally caught up in the glamour of ritual. The moment my parents left the house for any good amount of time I immediately gather up all the blue mirror tables all the movable mirrors in the house and every candle and match and a few statues usually the Daphne and Dauphin of France then would create a respectable spectacle for my three younger brothers.

I also at that time had a great fetish for billowing draperies .I hope this picture come before your eyes, spring day gentle breezes dark and shadowy room shafts of mirror light and reflections wafting around the room, across the ceiling , giggling and awed kids singing if I remember it was either an Elvis or Johnny Mathis .

I am in heaven

Keep that picture in mind and think of the potential.There was a U-tube clip of some teenager screaming about a tornado that I saw today. Picture me running out of the house into the streets screaming Fire Fire Fire the house is on Fire in a jokey panic pitch.

It took a while for me to convince my parents it was not me who set the fire,I was the good child . So I saw this image by a young photographer on Flicker I was going to use it for my birthday post it is kinda magical for me. So magical I decided I could not wait.

I find Flicker to be like running a marathon and their picture a day to be a way to become stressed . Zach titled this photograph

do you really want to live forever ? : FOREVER YOUNG. I think this is a fitting title for this moment in my life.On the eve of a birthday it is a question that needs no answer. It is spring and it is the time we began to see new life, we see the possibilities in life, the forming of new ideas new discoveries, the joy of being alive . is the place to find many more of Zach images, It too is like early spring,

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