Monday, March 28, 2011


I have mentioned before about struggling with this blog. One of my issues is vocabulary and the other being grammar, yet I write on.

It is remarkable how few words I used to convey any idea that maybe simmering inside of me. The other day looking at Zach Burden's Flick'r site, I saw this photograph LIVE ON AIR in bright red neon. In my sugar induce stupor I read "live on air"and started to laugh thinking this is better than "let them eat cake" when I sobered up and rethought about it Live On Air made the most sense then I felt real silly so the word for today is heteronym and it has nothing to do with sex .

I still feel a bit warm and fuzzy about my first reading I can visualize an imperious being saying this in a dark modern fairytale. The words hanging in the midair we are suppose to live on. I do believe in the idea that there is some goodness in all of us . If you can, I feel a good way to help others now is by visiting Life Support Japan. where a group of artists have committed their photographs to help raise funds for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I am always saying that the photographic art community is there when funds are needed .Each artist is donating an edition of 10 printed on 9 x11 paper for 50 dollars.

Some nationally known artists have donated but over all there are good photographs supporting a immediate cause and to participate is inexpensive so please check it out.The site is updated every few days

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