Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Storytelling : part 2

A little more about Sleepers when I first saw the images I felt as if I was invited into this world .

It was like being trapped in a very good film, the last reel finish and you are shock that you had lost yourself into another's reality and now it is time to leave.

Here are six more images from The Sleepers.

The images that I worked with in the exhibition are slightly larger than 20 x 24 inches. because of the enlargeing there is a a fine grain which gives each photograph a painterly quality or that odd feel of older cinema.

Today there is in the New York art and photography worlds a very hated word it is subjective, it is about personal feelings, we all struggle with it .What can creates such dread ?


I feel that Victor Yuliev SLEEPERS are not only good photographs with meaning ,empathy and maybe a bit of mystery. I feel that they are beautiful and tell a good story.

please Google Victor Yuliev or visit Hearst 8x10.com

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