Friday, February 7, 2014


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All of this cold snow has me contemplating warm skin. I like neo classical nudes heighten flesh rendered near flawless by light and printing techniques, an unstated theme in my collection is flesh that look like stone/stone that appears as flesh.Yet my wild side loves tattoos prison tattoos that cover the body, the 21st century hip that turn their body into art ( will there be regrets in the future? ).

I find this fascinating so today while scanning my bookshelf I picked up my over used copy of the Japanese Tattoo by Sandi Felli publish  by Abbeville Press Inc.This may be out of print but well worth the search.

I became aware of this book when I was doing an all things Japanese books film food
art clothing theater histories so these images and D.M.Thomas essay were helpful when 
I was reading some Japanese literature that spoke of the yakuza.

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