Wednesday, February 5, 2014

JO LYNN STILL : $10/Ten Bucks

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sometime artists send me books,I would like to thank them,because at long last due to the ever present snow their gifts are saving me from cabin fever.

The first book is called day four\Ten The book is self-funded by Fiona Hayes, editor of DayFour Magazine.  Ten is her 10th international call for personal work including writing from photographers.  Ten was printed in a limited edition of 100. The book may be viewed on-line at

Jo Lynn Still an artist from Georgia whose work I admire sent me a copy,with a little note to tell me she was encouraged to continue her work on this project 
because I include some of them in the Southern Memories exhibitions for Slowexposures.

Book of Buck is an on-going personal project inspired by a man called Buck.

Together we search for moments of peace, love, laughter and learning far from modern chaos. 

Buck Logo
This is kinda of personal because I have met Buck and he is really a sweet guy,Jo Lynn Still is collaborating in this project in a way that respects  Buck and her photographic vision.My intentions is not to create a list but to share what I have seen and to inform, please use the link to see the other artists  four\Ten.


  1. Thank you so much Mr. Bennette. One of my dreams is to have people see my photographs without leaving my little corner of the world. Home is dear to me and so are you. Photography. Photographs, Love.

  2. Awesome...I would say that because he is my brother but I have long admired Jo Lynn's work...having hired her on several occasions. She is an awesome photographer and person.
    Dianne Orr