Tuesday, February 11, 2014


ARRANGEMENTS : Marie Considas
535 W 24th Street
New York, NY10011

Galleries publish catalogs in support of the exhibition they create. Bruce Silverstein open his first show of the year with a jewel display of Marie Considas.

Mask Boston 1966
Ranunculus Los Angeles ca.1960
Princess with Doves 1966
Andy Warhol  NYC 1966
Sailors Key West 1966

The image of an arrangement of masks by Marie Consindas has always been one of my favorite color photographs it reminds me of Ensor. Imagine my delight at being able to see it once again at the Bruce Silverstein Gallery in New York

Arrangements is Cosindas' term for her richly layered assemblages created primarily in her Boston studio, and in later years, around the world, from found or borrowed objects—fabrics, flowers, figurines, jewelry, perfume bottles, tarot cards and other such treasures which came to define her signature style. Often pyramidal in structure, the artist's baroque compositions are filled with an old world style of excess delightfully bordering on kitsch. Cosindas prefers the term Arrangement to “still life” for this body of work, as she wishes to highlight the very active role she played in the construction of these images as well as the intense engagement required from the viewer in order to absorb their varied textures, patterns, colors and minute details. For Cosindas, the resulting image and viewing experience is anything but still.

Encouraged by Ansel Adams to pursue color photography, Marie Cosindas developed an unique style and perspective that could only have emerged through the use of color film. Her masterful still lifes and studio portraits draw attention to the artist's interest and background in painting and textile design, and reveal her marked attention to visual detail.

Cosindas was one of the first photographers to experiment with Polacolor film, and her work served to futher develop and advance this technology. Working with 4 x 5, 8 x 10, 20 x 24 and even 40 x 80 inch Polacolor film, Cosindas varied exposure and development conditions to achieve the desired tonality and saturation for her images.

The gallery published a catalog ARRANGEMENTS BY Marie Consindas with an essay by Lisa Hostetler which was originally published in the Winter 2013 issue of Aperture magazine.
The exhibition close March 8th.

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