Friday, February 28, 2014

HIROSHI WATANABE : Comedy of Double Meanings

What Fades, What Stays ?

I remember meeting Hiroshi Watanabe at Fotofest in 2000.He was in one of my first portfolio review sessions ever. I was already a fan because of a single photograph. The juxtaposition of these images are about me a spiritual collage that I could not do if he had not created these photographs.

Santa Monica Pier 2000
Marco Andreatta as Pulcinella 2011
Marta Marchi as Strega (Silhouette) 2011
Viviana Ceppa with Bauta Mask (Silhouette) 2011
Sara Galiza as Morte 2011
The other day was looking at photographs of bubbles on the www and remembered an image by Hiroshi Wantanabe taken in 2000 so when I visited his site I found myself enthrall with the amount of images there and the range.I would consider Hiroshi to be a classic photographer and a master printer.small,quiet images that do not date themselves as you are lured into them while viewing.I was planning on writing a few word about the Lenten season and cravings of the invisible clock that must mark  time by ritual.

Carnival, Mardi Gras is just such a marking, winter's last celebration as shadows slip back into the dark. the sleep,the dream as we wait for spring and light
All of this is transitory a poetic moment  we try to define yet like bubbles,feelings and shadows it floats away.

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all images Copyright (c) 2011 Hiroshi Watanabe All Rights Reserved

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