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This summer as I was leaving Georgia I was give a package by Eliot Dudik inside was a copy of the book Road Ends In Water an essay about the changing south.An essay that I was familiar with because a few of Eliot's images have been used over time in different exhibitions that were created for Slowexposure. 

I like images of the land and feel that it takes bold vision to produce meaningful landscapes that move beyond romanticism.There is a great tradition of landscape art, some  would put landscape photography at the lower level,but landscape photography also speak of great metaphysical ideas and have been used to explain this vast land.

The south is still struggling with change and the modern world, these images show that encroachment and a wistfulness for other times, the bigger vision is that nature constantly takes back everything.

Bud, Russell Creek Road
Sacred Space, Muckenfus Road
Snuffy in Salkehatchie Swamp, Broxton Bridge Road
Confederate Breastworks, Broxton Bridge Road
Carew Rice Painting, Back of Old Drive-in Screen, Highway 63
418, Ivenia Brown Road
The Word, Ivenia Brown Road                                                         

Camels and Coke, Sea Island Yacht Club Road

I have admired Eliot's work for over three years now and I am really excited by two others themes he is working on Broken Land and Still Lives and I hope they will be published also.Photographic art books are the real statement about what a photographer is trying to show us a single image can be like a strong sentence in search of a paragraph.

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