Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Reading Summer Imagination Summer fun

A Collage

Jo Lynn Still                                                                       Donna Rosser

As many of you know, I am not mrfancyonthecomputerguy. I will probably keep it that way longer than I should. Sometimes I see pictures that to me belong together. Just a few minutes ago I saw Jo  Lynn Still photo on Facebook  it remind me of so many summer boyhood stories. I remembered Donna Rosser photo from a Serenbe shot that was on Facebook also, it reminds me of so many stories young girl starting on adventure.

It is hot today but maybe it is a good time to think about summer reading and the adventures we should not leave behind


  1. Memories of enjoying nature and adventure during the summmer months will live forever. A time to encourage youth and grown up kids to discover and enjoy these joys and leave the computer and games inside!
    Joanne Avant

  2. I can see the little girl kicking off her shoes to walk at the edge of the fisherman's water~Miki