Thursday, May 17, 2012

In New York : Go See 3

Go + See

Atsuya Tominaga

April 19 - June 9 2012
Ippodo Gallery
526 W 26th B1

Visited a gallery for the first time I was drawn into the space because of the very quiet white stone sculptures by the Japanese  artist Atsuya Tominaga.

The gallery director Shoko Aono and her staff made the visit wonderful not only speaking about the Spheres exhibition including showing us the tools used to make them.

Then they opened drawers filled with beautiful, dramatic,timeless,and peaceful objects made of bronze, fiber, lacquer clay and stone .Objects  that spoke not only to the eye but the touch,the heart and the mind.

Of course I asked  about photography and was presented with the images of 
Takashi Tomo-Oka also born in Japan. I think Takashi maintains a conversation started by Karl Blossfeldt in the 1930's.

If you are in New York or Tokyo please visit Ippodo Gallery you will walk away feeling

Atsuya Tominaga   11

Bamboo Lily                             

Maiden Camellia

Buerger Raspberry

Lotus  I


Viburnum Furcatum

Lotus III

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