Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One Thing Leads to Another

James Nizam   Shards of Light 2011-12 

James Nizam  Thought Form (Fold)   2011-12

Hiroshi Sugimoto   Drive In 

Abelardo Morell

Matthew Pillsbury  American Idol April 2004

Artists are creators with singular visions but some times without knowing their vision become part of a grander conversation. Most of the time the voices takes place in the viewer head on seeing an image and relating it to other sensations and experiences

When I first saw the work of Matthew Pillsbury I thought of Hiroshi Sugimoto, then I realize that Abelardo Morell was another influence their photographs are about waiting to catch light and shadow.
To record a single event can take hours, for example Matthew's American Idol took over 2 hours to create in the camera .To see all the details can take years.

When I think of trying to create with light and time in art, I think of these artists along with James Turrell, Dan Flavin and Richard Serra.

I recently saw some new images by James Nizam an artist from Vancouver represented by Gallery Jones. James' photographs extends the conversation. He has a new exhibitions entitled

Trace Heaven

I like these images so much , I will not try to explain how and why they were created sometimes words can destroy what appears magic and beautiful. I want to stand in front of the photographs and listen.

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