Monday, May 14, 2012

Magdalena Sole : Framing

Night Train to Beijing China 2011
Trailer Window with Girl  Crowder, MS 2010
Dancing Monk  Ragoon, Burma 200
Unemployed in Kamagasaki , Osaka 2009
New York Bodega 2009
Door   Ragoon , Burma 2008
A Nursing Home, Tohoku,  Japan after the disaster  2011
A Student at Oakhurst Middle School, Clarksdale 2010
Some photographers lead a very nomadic life,  a thought that came to mind recently when looking at old photography  magazines and thinking that this was the way most people saw the world. Travel for the average American was time consuming and expensive so we sat in our living rooms and looked at what photographers sent back.

Now that world traveling is easier for most we still get pleasure from seeing how others frame our vision of the world.

When I first met Magdalena Sole last fall in Zebulon (love that word) it was in Pike County Georgia at a portfolio review for Slow Exposures. It was shortly before the release of her latest book. 

New Delta Rising

A couple of weeks ago, was surfing and visited her website. I came away with 16 images these are the 8, I would like to share now.  

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