Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Once Again Serendipity Raises Its' Wonderful Head

Vicki Hunt Untitled Atlanta 2010 

Jill Enfield Untitled (Windsor Plantation ) c. 1990

Mary Ann Lynch Sphinx c.  2002

Dale Niles Untitled 2011

THe Roman Forum unknown photographer and date

It is always a bit daunting to do this post, I am usually to excited to get everything right the first time.A few minutes ago I went to correct a mistake and deleted all the text.Which I do not remember but I think it was something about withstanding the test of time. Maybe with luck I will remember it later and add it then. Besides being images that I keep around I think they relate to each other in speaking about what stays.

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  1. Unexpectedly I just discovered this. For some reason, this evening there's been a real slew of wonderful posts about subjects ranging from the fascinating to the poignant to the chilling. It's timely that you've selected images here that have to do with what withstands the test of time -- when at present, among the most terrifying reports are those about Fukushima, the impact of radiation spreading much more widely than reported by any major media, along with the threat of absolute catastrophe if an earthquake hits.Working with an energy source that comes with the promise of a lethal by-product that can withstand billions of years, how can humankind stand that test of time and the certainty of disasters. In contrast, in my photograph of the Sphinx, the very small figures on her head are two small birds involved in some courtly/cooing (though not heard) behavior. And the energy wafting its way all the way down to where and a large crowd of visitors I stood looking up at them spoke of life and continuity. Meanwhile, close by, an Egyptian man neaby spoke about the scene in terms of the "lovemaking" on the top of the Sphinx's head! Anything destabilizing Fukushima again will mean global disaster.
    Thank you John for including me in this. I'm going to return to it now and think about all the images again and the narrative they together evoke.