Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sitting and Waiting

This past week was a rush . I was down south to speak before a really great crowd first at Jackson Fine Art in Atlanta.Then the next day at a new town called Serenbe also located in Georgia.I was doing my Vivian Maier Tour.I did some portfolio reviews and got a chance to meet some new artists it was so cool. While in Serenbe I had lunch and coffee at The Blue Daisy Cafe .Looking out of the cafe's windows reminded me of the diverse ways artists interpret what seems to be the same image, how mood is conveyed. I like the quiet tension in these photographs.The one with the coke bottle and phone is by Vivian Maier. The other one is by Mario Algaze . I like the soft light and the mystery that appears in both images. It seems that there was a single person at the table and the question that comes to mind are they waiting maybe for a friend or lover . I don't think of cafes as family hangouts.The pictures interest me because of the lines in the background that create the stage for a meeting to take place.I go back and forth between the perfectly placed demitasse and the crumple napkin.

I am trying to post more to this blog so these bits will come every few days


  1. Hey Mr. B

    Glad to see the blog is up and running.
    Happy to wait for you and buy you a cup of coffee in a southern diner.


  2. The top photograph is nice but I love the contrast in the Maier. I wish I could have come heard you speak at Serenbe - next time.