Monday, March 19, 2012

CHRYSALIS : A Girl and Her Room 1

Why do you do photo reviews, when the most you can get out of them is a 20 minute conversation ? This question came to mind as I was looking at a new book by Rania Matar called A Girl and Her Room. I met Rania at Fotofest a few years ago and saw the beginning of this project, just a bunch of pictures in a black portfolio and an idea. Now it has grown into a fascinating book,that amazes me with its depth .I never think much of teenage girls way too much energy but looking at them in the cocoons they create to become women is a different story.

Some of these rooms are severe and plain while others are bursting with stuff that become the bits their minds feed off of to make the great transformation into womanhood. The pictures are so detailed that if you look closely you can almost see the parents hand trying to control.The best pictures are the ones where you can feel and see the child making choices and claiming new freedoms. I have decided to do these in 3 series of 5 .The first reflect the girl in the mirror.

Rania will be in Houston tomorrow for a book signing and seminar by Mary Virginia Swanson with Loli Kantor at DoubleTree Hotel, Houston Downtown, 400 Dallas Street, Houston TX

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  1. What A pleasure reading these, and being able to process these pieces here at home thanks to this fantastic blog---is quite a treat. I love this "A Girl In Her room Series" in particular and can indefinitely relate to your description about the journey: " the cocoons they create to become women is a different story.", since I am still feeling in my cocoon and I am way past my Teenage years. ::T h a n k Y o u::
    You really do a service to the Spirit of the Artist in us all.