Sunday, February 19, 2012

really hanging with mrbennette

Yesterday I had the most exciting time giving a talk about Vivian Maier at Steven Kasher Gallery.A wonderful and attentive crowd that got my jokes,and could follow my stream of conscience , sentence fragments and was a lot of fun.My favorite petite J was there.

I got a chance to mention Lillian Bassman .

the 40-50 people who attended and lingered afterward seem to be very be surrounded by Vivian Maier's work that were chosen by Steve for her New York show Giving a good feeling is a good thing .I have to do this again and again


  1. Two such wonderful stories: the one you tell here and Vivian's, of course.

    We are lucky in life if we get to do what we love to do. Vivian did, and so—with gusto!—do you.

    Which makes us the lucky ones, too.

    So thank you, John, (and if Vivian was here I'd be thanking her too) for sharing your passion with us.

  2. Oh sorry I missed it John! I am sure you were wonderful! But then again it will be hard to top your VM show and private tour @ Hearst!