Friday, March 9, 2012

Inspiration.Conversation and Interpretation

I feel photographic images can be used as language about experience, time, place and memory,These five images of the Warehouse in Hale County Alabama were taken by different artists.The top one by William Christenberry as part of a series done over a period of time. The second photograph is a couple of pages that shows Christenberry's many views of this piece of architecture that he has help to make iconic and a place of pilgrimage. It and the third image were taken by Hai Zhang a photographer born in China who has spent a good deal of time in southern Alabama.The final two images are by Jane Robbins Kerr who was not aware of the Christenberry project was passing by on her way home and stop to make her photograph.The seductive and historical nature of this site has had such an impact on Ms Kerr that many times she has returned and stopped to take a new memory. I would like to thank Jackson Fine Art in Atlanta for the original , Hia Zhang and Jane am still looking and listening .

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