Saturday, March 3, 2012


One of the best things about reviewing portfolios is the chance it gives you to see new work and of course meet artists. Usually it is like a cattle call and nerves can be on edge. For me, I find it hard to do 20 minutes of reviews , and then let go.

Which leads me to remind all photographer that don't have them to create a website dedicated for their art. When I reviewed at Serenbe last week it was one of the top things I asked ,where can I see more ? Without at least a functional website,the answer becomes mute.There was an artist at Serenbe named Mark Caceres who bought 20 images taken in Brazil that I was intrigued by,but after going to his website I had to ask if I could use this photo called Changing of the Guard. It seem the perfect image to use as a bridge between my last and my next posting.

I love music, many an early morning or late night has been spent with me wearing headphones and screaming my head off to a variety of music that have words and emotion .I have often thought I could drown in the way music made me feel. Some people open the bible or a self-help book .I turn to my stereo.I love music, I can not sing but then again I can. Music is like breathing some can make art of it. Music defines so many of our remembered moments.T hat is why I am sharing this link to a blog by one of my favorite poster who I met last year at LOOK3, John Edwin Mason , I totally admire his writing and I get it.

The other image attached to this post they is by Odilon-Redon a nineteenth century french artist who created many beautiful and fantastical images, remembered from my youth and they have stayed with me for a very long time .

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