Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sunday Best : Portraits in Black | Marco Ambrosi

Portraits in Black, is a project commissioned by the Center for Immigration Studies in Verona, the Cities of Verona and Padua  and the Padua University Department of Sociology. Three artists photographed different Pentecostal communities composed of people from Nigeria and Ghana who reside in Verona 

The artists Marco Ambrosi, MatteoDanesin and Aldo Sodoma later had exhibitions in Verona and Padua and many countries

Sunday meant dressing up for church everything a bit too 
tight and shiny.Dressing up was for special occasions .

This work by Marco Ambrosi  involved visiting several churches with his portable studio and taking portraits of people in their best.  
There is almost an explosion of dignity and happiness here for displays of fashion for a joyful Sunday

all images copyright Marco Ambrosi Verona Italy

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