Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I  think that one of the best places to experience the feeling of spacious skies is in the American West. The small towns that dot the landscape not only represent mankind in relationship to the environment but also the idea of the American pioneer spirit .These photographs by Allison V. Smith  were taken in Marfa Texas, I became aware of her work while workingr as the art  director for SxSe magazine.

The light in her images conveys not only the heat and shadows of  place but also the calm, the waiting for something to happen. The droning sound of quiet  filling the in an old movie  I became fascinated by the deer head (trophy) hanging by the window,  like a haiku in paleness.,I was willing to accept what I was being shown as the natural order of things.,no questions asked no answers needed . All images copyrighted by AllisonV.Smith and were taken in Marfa Texas .Allison is represented by Barry Whistler Gallery in Dallas Texas    

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  1. Thanks for posting these - the are wonderful. I greatly enjoy seeing Allison's work!