Sunday, July 8, 2012

99 1/ 2 Won't Do , Everything is Necessary : Nikita Gale

One of the great pleasures of my time as art director for the first 9 issues of South x Southeast Photography Magazine was meeting young artists who's work I was not familiar with. One such
artist featured was Nikita Gale whose body of work Code Orange  appeared in the fourth issue. Nikita is an artist who use photography and words as tools to express larger ideas.

One body of her work that I was attracted is Everything Is Necessary, it as hung in my mind until this morning.I was padding around and the song 99 1/2 Won't Do by Timothy Wright was being song by me as I listen to Diana Ross. Diana recorded it in the 80's

I am a Roman Catholic which does not mean I haven't spent a lot of time wallowing in gospel and spiritual music to know when it is done right.

These images by Nikita remind me of Holy book pages that have gold lettering and edges. Put that with the Calvinist idea of the One percents(ers) plus social unrest,the evils of instant gratification  and you can see why I have to say "the devil made me do this post "

Of course I like pretty pictures and shiny direct images,but I really like it when I am given art with meaning that is solid, and most of us can understand.

Nikita is the toast of Atlanta this season and she won't let it go to, her head visit her website,I have fallen in love

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