Monday, July 16, 2012

Now Let Us Try Something Different : Tabula Rasa | Robert Dupree

still from TABULA RASA by Robert Dupree 2011 -  2012

Robert (Bobby) Dupree was one of three young interns who worked with me when I was curating at Michael Mazzeo Gallery.They were learning while working in the gallery,I know I was learning from them.When we left the gallery we all sort of stayed in touch. Robert has push the envelope for awhile with edgy photographs and videos. It took me a while to understand because of a certain rawness that is essential for the work but not for me.This does not mean I did not like them, in fact we used some of  his videos in an exhibition at the gallery. The something I was planning on doing was to upload his new video Tabula  Rasa ,which means scrapped clean.It did not work/ Click on the red link above to watch,  give yourself about 6 minutes  there is little sound so you can add your own soundtrack or just bask in the quietness of observing the moment .

I saw this at HERE Arts Center last week  and felt so proud of Robert Dupree

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  1. actually - tabula rasa means scraped tablet, & the latin terms meaning equates to the english term blank slate... which is what he's very literally creating here. i think it's great. the length of the video is great because it give you just enough time to really think about how one could actually become a blank slate.