Sunday, June 10, 2012

VAST : Time, space and sound

I first  saw this work about 12 years ago, a young artist placed them in front of me at Fotofest. I did not forget the images nor the artist Kevin O'Connell. The prints were small but the space viewed, grand. There was the realization that these  5 x7 inch photographs revealed not only the place but a sense of the intensity of quiet that such a wide visual space could produce.

When I was working on A Story No Words I felt that these landscapes were a place where a soul would wonder to contemplate their place in the universe.In speaking to Kevin I understood what peace could be found out there while he was working to capture this elegant vastness

Virga # 11 1999

Erosion Scar 1997

Semi #2 1999

Plow Lines (near Last Chance)  1998

Earth and Poles 1997

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