Thursday, June 28, 2012



George Dureau


1973 - 1986

May 31 - July 13, 2012

Higher Pictures
980 Madison Avenue
New York, New York 10075

Alphonse Dotson. 1977

Sonny Singleton 1976

Short Sonny c 1970's

Wilbert Hines 1977

Raymond Maxwell 1986

Before there was Robert Mapplethorpe there was F. Holland Day, Carl Van Vechten, George Platt Lynes, George Rogers, Pierre Verger and the man from New Orleans George Dureau. All created images of the black male, nude .They were made for different purposes but in the end they all became in different degrees and with different emotional pull testaments to the male gaze observing black men. There are a few days left to see the 15 vintage images by George Dureau an artist who did male nudes among many of the projects he worked on. 

hangingwithmrbennette wishes to be like an overheard sentence that motivates your interest enough so that you will go out to find more information about artists and images.

all images are vintage , rights courtesy of

Higher Pictures

980 Madison Avenue

New York, New York 10075



  1. So Glad you posted this!And you definitely succeed in introducing subjects in a way that sounds like "an overheard conversation." There's a very intimate and warm tone to all you do John!And never an axe to grind, which is rare.

    I had the pleasure of meeting George Dureau many years ago in a gallery in New Orleans.I didn't know his work and we sat and shared a sandwich in the office area, where he knew the owner.He mentioned just in passing that he had once done a lot of photography. We talked about New Orleans and NYC, and I recall being so fascinated with his look and demeanor that I wanted to photograph him. There was such an intensity about him. He said he couldn't imagine why I would want to do that, but then he put up with me shooting a few different frames. He was patient and I thought he had a great heart. Only later did I discover his work and realize I had been spending time with a master and a legend. I saw his big show in New Orleans in Dec 2011 and most of these remarkable photographs were in it. They're compelling any size, but standing in the presence of them one at a time
    is a staggering experience. Each is raw, visceral, and alive.

  2. George Dureau is an amazing artist and it is such a thrill that he is getting the attention and accolades he deserves.
    Mary Ann: So glad you enjoyed the show in Dec. 2011, which was at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans. The Museum also honored him with its Opus Award at its Gala in October 2011.

    One point, however: Dureau is not black; he is white. The New York Times printed that he was a black artist, made the correction later online.

    Thank you for putting a well deserved spotlight on Dureau's work! (He's also an amazing painter.)

  3. Are there any books about his work?