Thursday, October 15, 2015


What Is A Southern ?



In many ways I can be a southern cliche , I am a romantic who looks back ,I spend way too much time dreaming and thinking, There is always tomorrow and yet I am sort of a lone who can get things done.The most contradictory thing about me is the illusion that I like to socialize with other people and great in gathering funny thing I am in places because of need and my social skills are based on protest and fear.I have been called the b word (was not great when we could speak without using code) because it seems I only complain.

Where is this leading ? Well one of the best reasons I like photography is that it allows me to be a languid voyeur. I/you can look at people for as long as you want without confrontation are being thought a creep,I /you can decide over time is this is someone to know or avoid.A photograph gives you time to change your mind as you linger and pour over every pore,the mind can say what is your story, why was the moment with you worth saving for me to see ?

I/you can fall in love,hate,try to understand or be dismissive but the photograph has given you time.

I think being a Southern is really about how you feel time more than place.

Young Patriot   Todd Suttles, Atlanta GA
Serafina    Jenny Stratton Durham NC
Boy with Dog   Jerry Siegel, Atlanta GA
First Gun   Rick Smith, Nashville TN
Paent Dallas County Alabama   Jerry Siegel Atlanta  GA
Nancy on Thanksgiving Day   Tara Saunder, Columbus GAs
Twins   Betty Press, Hattiesburg MS
Two Brothers   Laura Kresmin, Tucker GA

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