Thursday, October 1, 2015


10 Years Later : Still Full of Surprises 3



First Peach  Tamara Reynolds

Peeling Peaches  Dale Niles
The south is a state of mind more than a place,so my longing for home is not real to me anymore.Any number of things from sweet smells,food.light and sound can create  torrents of mixed emotions that other would drown in but logic or stubbornness always save me.Last evening while reading The Hunger Games (some of it is set in the south) there is a description of Katniss Everdeen sucking honeysuckle flowers for sweetness and sustenance,all a sudden i was right there with her.

Every summer send me into a frenzy to search for the perfect peach,the crispest red watermelon the most intense blackberries and velvety figs.These things remind me of a time and place so does these two images.

When Jerry Atnip and I looked over the exhibition for the first time in Concord Georgia we became aware of a symmetry to the photographs that could not be denied

The first image you see is, First Peach and the last image Peeling Peaches.They hang across from each other.To say more than look at them would burden these pictures with needless explanation.You know the moment.

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