Wednesday, April 24, 2013

James Delano : BLACK TSUNAMI : Generosity of Spirit


Cherry blossoms have open on a tree that seems to rise right out of the rubble Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture, Japan. copyright James Whitlow Delano

As some of you may know I am not always dark  hearted and brittle,over the years I have worked on a number of charity events with the help of many photographers who have one thing in common " a generosity of spirit" I have often wondered about this out pouring of giving and the closest I have come to understanding it ,is that idea of photography preserving our humanness. One of the charities I lend my support to is Friends Without a Border,which was found by Kenro Izu.In the last 4 years an artist has donated a portfolio of prints created especially for FWAB . James Whitlow Delano was our 2012 portfolio contributor.This is a small way for me to thank him by sharing his Kickstater project with you.
Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined such a natural and man-made disaster hitting my adopted home of Japan.  By the time we arrived in the tsunami zone, there was snow falling and mud everywhere.   People shuffled almost as in a dream through twisted and tormented debris that suggested the forces at play.  By the time we reached the first evacuation center, taking off our shoes, soaked with frigid sea water, and entered a cold, dark gymnasium, chill had penetrated to the bone, but as much as we felt the cold, the young and old were hit far, far worse.  Survivors huddled around kerosene heaters.  After 20 years in Japan, I looked out at people who could have been my neighbors, friends or even members of my own family.  Never had a disaster been more raw, more real, more personal.
We seek your support to make a permanent record of this event, which changed Japan forever. 
A little help from lots of people can go a long way."Generosity of spirit ",I know it is a cliche ,but it is one I believe in.

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  1. You're not dark-hearted at all! And I look forward to seeing you in Seattle for "Musings" this Friday. . .
    Cheers, Wendy