Saturday, April 20, 2013

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April 18 - June 1 2013
Bruce Silverstein Gallery
535 West 24th Street
New York, New York

Untitled, c. 1973
Photograph with stitching and pencil drawing mounted to paper
In a Split Second, 1966    
Print emulsion with drawing mounted to paper

  Aatis Lillstrom, 1965    Gelatin silver print, printed c. 1965

1971 for Book 22, c. 1971 
Photo-collage with hand-stitching
After Thought of Book 3, Frontrunner of a page in Book 11, 1968    
Gelatin silver print

Aatis Lillstrom, 1965    
Gelatin silver print, printed c. 1965
About a year ago the Bruce Silverstein Gallery had a surprising and elegant exhibition of handcrafted books by the artist/photographer Keith Smith. A year later the gallery has installed a new exhibit of Mr Smith's photos and photo based creations, which are like his books a delight.

This is a large exhibition which gives the viewer an inside into the creative process. We gets a chance to see the artist return to ideas, themes and motifs that drives his art over time. There is innocence, mystery, magic, humor and well as mastery of craft.

I was thinking about other artists when walking away from this exhibit last evening and the name that came to my mind first was Joseph Cornell an artist that created an intense personal world that still intrigue. One day I would love to see these two artists together
in dialogue exhibition.

Go and see this show in fact make a couple of visits each visit will be rewarding.

All images are copyrighted and used with permission of the artist and Bruce Silverstein Gallery

Bruce Silverstein
535 West 24th Street

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