Wednesday, April 10, 2013

If you are near Asheville North Carolina : Go + See Gerald Slota: Story, at the Castell Photography Gallery


Gerald Slota : Story

A Retrospective Exhibition
April 12 - June 28 2013
Castell Photography Gallery
2C Wilson Alley
Asheville,North Carolina
FOUND Family With Still Life

TRUE Screaming Boy
TRUE Untitled Scout Leader
Home Sweet Home
FABLE : Hansel & Gretel.

When I first started to collect,to be honest I preferred formal images with a little
added little that distracted over the years I would like to feel I have grown.One of the artists who has expand my vision with his visceral photographs was Gerald Slota

Story represents a selection of photographs, most of them unique, from five different bodies of Slota’s work beginning in 1998. Gerald Slota, whose entire artistic oeuvre has focused on imagined secret histories and subliminal narratives, often begins work on a new photograph with a sketch in one of his many journals. Much of Slota's work, often torn and marked, is eerily nostalgic-- quirky strange narratives, seemingly referencing other people's dreams, nightmares, and memories. This exhibition explores both Slota's process and his artistic projects. Featured is a selection of photographs, many of them unique, from 5 different bodies of work as well as a selection of Slota's journals.

There will be a reception and book signing at Castell Photography Gallery on Friday April 12 starting at 06:00. his book, Story, was listed as one of The New York Times Magazine’s top photo books of 2012.

All images courtesy of Castell Photography and Gerald Slota 

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