Thursday, August 9, 2012

Things Left In Drawers

Stanely Stellar    I Have Birds 2 1976

Brian David Stevens   John

One of my favorite artist is a British Pre-Raphaelite painter Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, I became aware of his painting after seeing them in a magazine. I liked the fluid yet precise style that he painted. Even though the subject matter today could seem a bit arched .I bought a few postcards and books to save and savor. Burne-Jones figures have a type of light and grace that is almost drug like.

We all have drawers that we keep stuff in or maybe a bulletin board or an inspiration wall. I have a drawer I keep collage material in and one of the things I kept for over 35 years was a postcard with this image by Stanley Stellar called I Have Birds 2.Once I saw it I thought immediately of Sir Burne-Jones. the simple gesture of the hands, the light, the torso,the draping of the tee shirt .I always felt or wanted to believe that there was a connection to the 19th Century, the sweetness of youth.

Over the years ripped out many photographs revealing bird tattoos but this is the one for me. Recently while viewing  Brian David Stevens website I saw this portrait of John,which made me go into the drawer and rescue I Have Birds 2 so it could engage in a conversation about art and time.

There are still great photo and art postcards out there.Some of the best are being produce by Fotofolio in New York

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