Saturday, February 19, 2011

To Kill A Mocking Bird

This blog was started as a satellite of Slowexsposure's and my exhibition Southern Memories in the fall of 2010 down in Concord Georgia. One of the many reasons I design that exhibition was the fact that I see so many photographs ,that touch me , flood me with emotions and memories, good and bad that I would like to share. Creating exhibitions force me to try and speak clearly to a large groups. I wish that the images could make a distinct language but I fear pictures are like words change with pitch.

The first time I read To Kill A Mocking Bird and the first time I saw the movie and the young actors who played in it they came from my home town, Birmingham Alabama.But for the life of me I can not remember how I met Hai Zhang.I know I took him to lunch in the Tower, and we have socialized over the last couple of years yet I still don't remember anything about the first time except when I went to his website
His pictures of a small lazy southern Alabama town amazed me. Here was an outsider who spoke to me and the pitch was right. I felt that place that thing of being exposed while in the shade . That balance between lush and spare All the contradictory moments of being human feeling that you and place are special yet knowing somewhere in some other place , someone is thinking feeling the same.

Hai has undated his website recently and I am still able to read what he is saying

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