Monday, February 21, 2011

I Asked My Lover For A Microwave Oven For Saint Valentine's Day : I Did Not Get One Yet

Did I get it, well no and I am still waiting .I guess I will be waiting because they claim they love me. But all I want is to try out this recipe for New Orleans Style Microwave Pralines that appears on page 92 of Deb Shriver's book

Stealing Magnolias Tales From A New Orleans Courtyard


1 pound light brown sugar
2 tbsp light corn syrup
1 cup of whip cream
2 tbsp vanilla or rum extract or 1 tbsp Luzianne instant coffee and chicory
2 tbsp butter
2 cups of whole pecans ( preferably toasted )

What is this ? you are getting a little disappointment too because I am not providing cooking instruction which are easy because it is done with a microwave. You know where to find them a few minutes in your local Barnes & Nobel. If I can not have candy, no one gets candy.But we can all look at the book and its' many delightful pictures and stories some about food and other New Orlean lives . Maybe if I beg hard enough someone will make these for me as a Mardi Gras gift .I really hate microwaves,they make us lazy popcorn eaten creatures.

Maybe the old lover was right maybe I should care because they care

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  1. Coffee and Chicory? Sound like a heavenly praline ingredient! I once worked for a New Orleans doctor who ordered Baton Rouge's Community Coffee by the bale because he couldn't find a dark roast coffee with chicory in this small Georgia town. He taught me to brew coffee strong enough that "the spoon stands straight up in the middle of the poured cup"!