Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More Than A Clown

This is not the post I intended for today. Most of us grow up with a list of cliches that we hear and sometimes agree with. I decided to change my post today and show you this elegant clown/ringmaster, if memory serves me right it was taken in a small circus in Santa Fe New Mexico if memory has failed it doesn't matter. It is what this clown represents to me because I know the photographer and this image like many she as taken (the emphasis is on many) is part of a great story of reinventing her life many times seeing the bright side in darkness, looking at the bigger picture, feeling that there is a silver cloud.I keep copies of this image sitting around my home as an inspiration to me about all the possibilities of life. Life in some ways is like a circus.You see feats of bravery and daring . You see things that amaze and are death deifying , surprise, suspense and laughter,the bright and beautiful, the exotic Today I want to say this clown represents to me a tenacious woman who is strong and has a passion for life, he sings of hope and miracles that rises from the human heart into heaven.

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