Wednesday, June 17, 2015


An Exhibition of Ceramics by Ken Akaji
June 18 - July  3
212 967 4899
12 East 86th Street No. 507


I  am always aware of the serendipitous moment ,that is what brought me to Ippodo Gallery New York when its exhibition space was in Chelsea.Ippodo was
a different experience for me and has evolved in New York to an appointment only space.Quiet,private elegant and more reflective.You can see and touch the wares in a more serene setting maybe with a bowl of tea and discussion about the life of the art object.

I saw Ken Akaji vessels a few weeks ago and they have been dancing in my mind ever since then .The restraint need to create a line is balance by the lushness of each brushstroke of red. So refine, yet I break into smiles because I am reminded of circuses christmas carousels clowns and candy canes.That feeling of vertigo after one has twirl to much and the spinning won't stop.Strange all of these things fitting in the palm of your hand.

Maybe the spiral is a glyph for serendipity and that is why I like it

Akaji is a part of the Kutani ceramics world, but it would appear that his philosophical designs have always been driven by his rebellious spirit. He has struggled against taking the easy way presented by tradition, banal Kutani-ware, the arguably shallow aspects of contemporary art, and outdated ideas or concepts. 

                                                                     - Spiral -

The shape of the Milky Way, of whirlwinds and whirlpools, snails and ivy tendrils-it is the form of the fundamental and mathematical energy of nature, and the pattern we, mankind, have used as a symbol of death and rebirth.  

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