Wednesday, June 10, 2015

JANE ROBBINS KERR : Yesterday and Today


Jane Robbins Kerr : Yesterday and Today

Painting and Photographs
May 28 - June 18
Tula Arts Complex
75 Bennet Street
Atlanta Ga
404 605 0605

Saturday June 13 a talk with the artist at 02:00 pm

Jane Robbins Kerr Yesterday photograph  by Ellen Kerr and Today by Donna Rosser    

I have spoken about Ms Jane Robbins Kerr photographs of the south and her home Mississippi often.I have known of these painting since 2005,it gives me great pleasure to know that at last they are being shared with you in an exhibition of both her paintings and photography. Both of these media requires observation but her painting explode with mystery and joy.Look close and you will see similar ideas in both places but the painting rise above just being a tourist with a camera.The painting sing in the eye and echo in the heart.

The gallery will have a talk Saturday afternoon June 13 with the artist at 02:00 pm if you are in the Atlanta area come out to hear about discovering new adventures and embracing joy at any point in life,which is one of Ms Kerr stories.

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  1. I've known Jane Kerr's beautiful photographic work, but never her paintings. They're really magnificent - thoughtful and so well crafted. What a tremendous talent she has.