Friday, January 17, 2014

CHARLOTTE WATTS : I Am Alone, We Are One


House Made of Dawn-Summer Shelter Canyon de Chelly

Lunch On The Terrace-Along Chicken Coop Creek

Recovery, Burn Dungeness Wildlife Refuge

The Gratefulness of Robins

Coming Fall--Little Birds and Birch Tree

Stones and Sand

I find that sometimes it is best to be alone to find that which is spiritual to let a moment enter into your life that you become aware yet mystery dose not change. I am thinking Shintoism here you need quiet to feel sacred spaces to marvel at the mathematics of this small piece of the universe. Each step until the last             

These quiet delicate images by Charlotte Watts lead me into and outside to see and reflect


  1. It's early morning with gray skies and yet viewing these beautiful works of art has brightened my day and lifted my spirit! As a writer I must admit to envy of the photographer that can communicate so much without words.Thank you.

  2. The blogger gets you Charlotte -- your determination to find quiet and make peace, and share it with the world... (It's wonderful serendipity that you were posted on Wavey's 16th birthday, too)