Wednesday, September 4, 2013

SEATTLE ONCE AGAIN : still hoping to stay there longer the next time

It was such a pleasant stay. There of few places outside of New York City that I would consider staying in for more than a couple of weeks maybe months at most.Seattle is one of them based on the Photographic Center NW. I felt such a strong sense of community and a strong inform dedication to photography.While the Musing exhibition is up (until September 15) There are other exhibits being show including one of local high school students

As some may know I can be a handful easily stressed and totally needy because I can not drive .The personnel at the center worked very hard to make this a smooth transition for me .They were also able to reduce the thousands of words with the multiple asides to understand what I was saying.

The speaking engagements went well and the portfolio reviews were a surprise. I met a humble artist who I want to nudge out of the nest, a young artist that needed a better understanding of how to translate emotion using the nude.A lot of good work, this is what you would expect in a review,what I did not expect was to review one of  the 500 entrants that did not make it into the Musing Exhibition. Very interesting moment because the portfolio presented to me had at least two images that would have been in the the final choices.What I am getting at here is how subjective juried shows can be and the fact that artists should not take the rejections to hard of course there are exceptions to this.

This is leading up to showing a few more images from the exhibition and to say thank you to staff at Photographic Center NW thank you to all the artists who participated it was an honor to see your images. The Center and I could not have created this wonderful exhibition without you. Also I would like to thank the sponsors and prize donators Blurb Inc. , Glazer's Camera, and Panda Lab. Please visit Photographic Center NW for more information and a complete view of the images that are a part of MUSINGS : 18th Annual Juried Competition.

Cass Walker, Help
Anna Ream, Parker with Davis Duck
Bill Finger, Ground Control
Charlotte Niel, Family

Jarvi Kononen, Chromatic Aberration

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